Laurelwood Guest Permit
1. To be valid Guest Permits must be in place before the vehicle is booted.
2. Guest Permits are limited to 14 total days per calendar year.
3. Guests are responsible to keep track of the number of days they have received Guest Permits.
4. Any vehicle that exceeds the 14 day calendar year limit will be booted and charged the full removal fee.
5. All Guest Parking Permits expire at Midnight of the last day the vehicle is authorized to be on the property.
6. When entering information on the Guest Parking Permit form be sure to enter the calendar date of the last day the vehicle will be on the property.
Example: If your vehicle is parking in guest parking on Friday night the 3rd of August and you are leaving Saturday Morning the 4th of August. The last day the vehicle will be on the property is August 4th.
7 To obtain a Guest Permit check the box below and fill out the Guest Parking Permit form.

By clicking here I affirm that, I have read, understand, and agree to abide by the guest permit rules